Area 3 Foundation exists to enhance the life of current and former character performers by providing financial support for continuing education and by providing assistance to those in crisis.


Our Vision is to help character performers prepare for their next role in life.



from our president​

A letter from Jody Glassman, Co-Founding Board Member and President

I remember going to the Magic Kingdom for the first time in 1978, I was seven, and I wanted to be a dancer when I grew-up. I danced my way down the ramp from the monorail to the Magic Kingdom Maingate. As I twirled to the bottom I said, "mommy when I grow-up I want to dance here". We were living in a suburb of Boston at the time so the dream seemed impossible.


Fast-forward to October, 1986, my father took me to audition. I was going to live my dream. From my first parade, Spirit of America, to my last call as Parade 6 for lights on Main Street during SpectroMagic, Magic Kingdom Entertainment was my home; the place where I grew-up. To this day, they are my friends and family.


Some people say "life is a journey" however at Disney it's a show and the Area 3 Foundation was founded to help prepare characters for their next role. Whether your next role is going back to school to learn something new, or sending your kid to college, we are here to assist with financing the education production. If your next role leads you or someone you love down a path of crisis, we are here to be your supporting cast. I am proud to be a member of the Area 3 Foundation leadership and look forward to continuing through the parade of life with all of you.

A letter from Helen (Hess) Stark, Co-Founder and Secretary

I went to college in California and depended a lot on my Disney family to survive. Kellie Lawton, Scott Burkhart and Steve Birket gave me a place to stay when I was literally homeless and I am forever grateful. Other people from WDW also gave me critical support during that time and I could not have made it through college without them.

Facebook has reunited Dept 384 again and I have seen people struggling with going back to school or with an illness or crisis and I wanted to do something to help. I maintain close contact with a group of my Disney friends and it was through this handful of friends that Area 3 was born. Michelle, Jen, Carrie and Jeni offered ideas and support and Albert Divetta came up with the name and designed the logo. 

Alicia Boyle, Rafael Rivera and Jody Glassman immediately and enthusiastically agreed to be the founding boards member and have brought Area 3 Foundation into existence.

It is the love that I have for the family that was formed during my stint at WDW that drove the creation of Area 3.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​




Area 3 Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose focus is providing financial assistance for post-secondary education through a scholarship program to current and former Walt Disney character performers.

A3F is a solely donor supported organization. If you would like to donate, please visit our donation page. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please visit our scholarship page.