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Area 3 Foundation offers scholarships to Walt Disney (Florida) character performers, and former character performers who are pursuing a college education. The Area 3 Foundation, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) independent organization, is a facilitator of the scholarship.


Deadline for application materials to be received is April 8th.

The Area 3 Foundation also features a scholarship to honor our friend, Sheldon Pinckney - The Sheldon Pinckney Scholarship for the Creative Arts.
For more information about this scholarship and how to donate to it, please download the flyer by clicking here.


  • Minimum of two years of full-time service at the Walt Disney World Resort in the character department at any of the Orlando resorts or two years as a casual regular employee. Or immediate family member of a cast member who meets the criteria (applicant is the dependent, grandchild, niece, or nephew of a cast member).

  • Responsible for providing proof of a minimum of two years of full-time service at Walt Disney World Resort in the character department. We will accept proof from the Walt Disney World HR department, paycheck stubs, or references from two fellow employees known to Board Members.

  • Acceptance to a federal financial aid, degree or certificate awarding, post-secondary institution.

  • Receipt of all materials by the application deadline.

  • Additional consideration is given to applicants majoring in education, health professions, and social services. Any applicant majoring in the creative arts will automatically be eligible for the Sheldon Pickney Scholarship for the Creative Arts.

  • Scholarships are competitive and are based on a strong essay, commitment to community, and academic achievement.

  • Applicants are encouraged to apply each year regardless of the outcome.

  • Award funds are only guaranteed for the amount awarded by the committee. These are one-time awards. Applicants and recipients are required to apply each year. Annual amounts may vary.

  • Scholarship criterion is subject to change.

  • Preference is given to a current or former cast member of the Walt Disney World® Character department.

  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • The scholarship committee reserves the right to disqualify any candidate for misrepresentation of self on the application.

  • Recipients are required to provide official proof of enrollment after the drop/add each term. Failure to do so will result in a loss of funds for the next term.

*Applicants majoring in one of the Creative Arts will automatically qualify for the Sheldon Pinckney Scholarship.

Applicant must be available for personal interview.

For new scholarship applicants, please click here for an application.

For returning scholarship applicants, please click here for an application. 


If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact us at



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