Jody Glassman


Magic Kingdom 1986-1996


Jody was with Department 384 from 1986 through 1996. She was in the opening casts of Mickey's Birthday Land, Mickey's Starland and SpectroMagic. In addition she was a show lead, area lead and ETR Lead. 


Jody has worked the last 23 years in higher education, specifically university admissions and enrollment management. She is currently the Director of University Admissions at Florida International University (FIU). Prior to her work at FIU she was an Associate Director for Admission Software Services at the College Board.


Jody's passion is connecting people to a post-secondary education beyond high school and she works extensively with displaced and underrepresented college students. She is a member of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, National Association for College Admission Counseling, American Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officers, and ACT Florida Council.


Jody has a B.A. in English Literature and M.S. degree in Education. 

Helen Stark

Phone: 570.234.7411

Together with Rafael Rivera and Alicia Boyle, Helen started Area 3 Foundation to help current former character performers receive a helping hand going back to school. The hope was to be able to present one $2000 scholarship each year and provide small crisis grants to our character family members in medical crisis. Area 3 Foundation has received overwhelming support from our Zoo Crew family which allowed that dream to be surpassed within a year of being founded.

In 2018, Area 3 Foundation will award $7500.00 in scholarships, bringing our total scholarship reward to $25,500 since our first award in 2013. Our crisis support has also grown so that we are able to cover the entire cost of travel to former character performers seeking life saving medical treatment that is out of state.

Helen has worked for Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. for the last 12 years. She is currently working as a product manager in Germany, with her permanent residence in Pennsylvania.

Pil McNiff

Executive Director

Toma Rusk

Phone: 831.402.5574

Magic Kingdom 1988-1999
Epcot 1999-2001

Toma's first role at Walt Disney World was performing the summer of 1989 in the Main Street Electrical Parade. She was hooked, immediately!  Her time in the Zoo was always her 'side gig', on school breaks and as a 2nd job. She also performed in the Spectromagic Parade. In 1999, Toma was asked to open the Tapestry of Nations; a first-ever parade at Epcot, for the Millenium.

Despite it being a part time gig, the Department 384 family has been her foundation for close to 30 years.

Toma has spent 24 years in the hospitality industry and is currently the Director of Guest Services at Resorts World Bimini, with her office and residence in Miami.

Toma earned her Bachelor of Music from the University of Miami in 1994.


Darren Cochran


Magic Kingdom 1988-90, 1992-93

Disney/MGM Studios 1994-96

Disney Equity Dancer 1999- 2007

Darren began his magical journey in 1988 as a male swing performer in the Main Street Electrical Parade. This role also allowed him to become "friends" with two special stepsisters and their love of a slipper. Over the years Darren's love of dancing allowed him many exciting performing opportunities including Princess Cruises and Merv Griffin in Las Vegas.

Because of the special bond pixie dust gives us, Darren knew that helping raise funds for it was a must. His commitment to the foundation has done more than just help raise funds; Darren's assisted with the production and talent for our foundation events.

These days, Darren is semi-retired,  but keeps busy in corporate entertainment as a talent assistant and looking after Bridgette. He is honored to be a part of the Area 3 Foundation Board of Directors, along with the magic, joy and pixie dust they are making for others. 

Andrea Bess Abel


Magic Kingdom 1987–1999

Epcot 1999-2015

Maingate 2015-Present


Andrea had the privilege to be in the Character Department for almost 27 years, performing in all 4 Florida parks, several states, and many countries. She currently supports the Costumers and Designers on the Character Development Team.


After almost 8 years of supporting the Area 3 Foundation from the sidelines, she is honored to join the Board of Directors and excited to help her Zoo Crew family in the future.

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